Monday, November 9, 2009

Pick a skill!

Let's pretend you are adding one person to your staff.  You have several qualified applicants, but each has an "extra" skill set that doesn't translate directly to the role (whatever it may be; the role isn't important here).  The "extra" skills are:

Sales experience
Second language fluency (though not one that will be useful for their client base)
Statistics/Data analysis
Non-profit group grant writing/fund raising
Stand-up comedy experience

Which skill would you most likely add to your team, and why?

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Leo said...

Without a doubt, statistics. A large part of business (and even more so if it's a lean business) is uncovering patterns in data and testing hypotheses. Bad business usually means an untested hypothesis of one form or another.

What are the untested hypotheses in non-lean HR?